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Alexander Michaylovich Lyubimov
Member of Russian Television Academy since 1998

Born in London on June 23, 1962, Alexander Lyubimov was the child of a foreign intelligence officer and an actress. Alexander was brought up in a theatrical environment, and was fond of maths, politology, sports, guitar playing, and hard rock.

In 1979, he entered the International Economic Relations Department at the MGIMO University (the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation) (English, French, and Scandinavian languages). In 1984, he turned down the invitation to work at USSR trade mission in Denmark and found a job at Radio Moscow World Service (Radio Moscow) of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting.

Alexander, together with Vladislav Listyev and Dmitry Zakharov, was invited by Eduard Sagalayev and Anatoly Lysenko to join the Main Office for Youth Programs of the Central Television, where in 1987 he started producing TV show “Vzglyad” (literally, “viewpoint”, or “glance”). Alexander worked mostly on highly topical materials: the first interview with Andrey Sakharov, a piece on the events in Tbilisi in April 1989, and coverage of events in Nagorny Karabakh.

After the famous article by Nina Andreeva entitled “I Cannot Surrender My Principles” was published in “Sovetskaya Rossiya” (“Soviet Russia”) newspaper during the period from February to May 1988, Alexander Lyubimov, Vladislav Listyev, and Dmitry Zakharov were disbarred as hosts of “Vzglyad”. The show had been suspended for many times but has always returned on the air reflecting the political battle in Mikhail Gorbachev’s milieu.

In spring 1990, Alexander Lyubimov won elections and became people’s deputy of the RSFSR to represent Tambov Region (his grandfather’s birthplace) in the Soviet of Nationalities of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. In cooperation with pragmatically thinking deputies, he established fraction “Smena – Novaya Politika” (“The Change. A New Policy”).

“Vzglyad” TV show was closed in December 1990, to be renewed only after the failed August Coup in 1991. During the time period before the renewal, Alexander Lyubimov was producing “Vzglyad from the Underground” distributed in videotapes. During the same period, “Vzglyad” made its way on the air with a 3-hour show about conflicts in Vilnius and Riga broadcasted on the 5th Leningrad TV-channel and was live-broadcasted in Baltic Republics.

At the same time, TV production company VID (an abbreviation of “Vzglyad i Drugiye” (“Vzglyad and Others”)) was formed to create a sequence of TV shows never seen before by the Russian audience: “Pole Chudes” (“Field of Miracles”), “MuzOboz” (“Musical Overview”), “Matador”, “Neputyovyye Zametki” (“Travel Notes”), “Zvyozdnyy Chas” (“Hour of Triumph”), “Serebryany Shar” (“Silver Ball”), “Ugadai Melodiyu” (“Guess the Melody”); a series of new TV cycles: “Tema” (“Theme”) hosted by Vladislav Listyev, “The Politbureau” hosted by Alexander Politkovskiy, “Krasny Kvadrat” (“Red Square”) hosted by Alexander Lyubimov, and many others.

During the events of August 1991, Alexander Lyubimov with his colleagues organized operation of a radio station in the White House. When Mikhail Gorbachev returned from Foros, “Vzglyad” was on the air almost every day telling what was going on in the country during the days of the Coup.

In December 1991, Alexander Lyubimov in his show heavily criticized the Belavezha Accords and, being a member of the Supreme Soviet, did not vote for their ratification.

Simultaneously, Lyubimov managed international broadcasts of Ostankino All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

In September 1993, “Krasny Kvadrat” show was closed for calling to resolve the conflict between the Kremlin and the Supreme Soviet. On the night from October 3 to 4, 1993, Lyubimov told the same things evoking a sharp reaction in political circles resulting in the exclusion of Alexander Lyubimov from the Journalists Union.

Spring 1994 saw the revival of “Vzglyad” as a totally new show. Now, “Vzglyad” told about power rather indifferently calling the audience to rely on one’s own efforts and not to hope for the help from the state. The show featured Alexander Solzhenitsyn (making his first-time-ever appearance on the Russian TV), Nikita Mikhalkov on the day he was awarded Oscar, and Aslan Maskhadov. In contrast to most evening programs on the Russian TV, “Vzglyad” was concerned with the issues of ethics, poverty, and unemployment, and tried to tackle the “crisis of faith” that had gripped many people, and interviewed extraordinary people from among peasants, school teachers, doctors, and workers. Particular attention was drawn to combatting drug addiction and the war in Chechnya, where Alexander Lyubimov traveled himself many times. Sergey Bodrov, future famous film actor, was invited to co-host the show.

In spring 1995, Channel One launched the “Odin na Odin” (“One on One”) project continuing the political dialogue traditions originating from “Vzglyad” of the 80s (the “Counter-View” section) and “Krasny Kvadrat”. The show had become popular rapidly, especially during the 1995 elections race. The mango juice duel between Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Boris Nemtsov was broadcasted by more than 100 TV companies worldwide.

In November, 1998, the screens were lit up with show “Zdes i Seichas” (“Here and Now”). At the same time, Alexander Lyubimov produced TV shows “Sdelay Shag” (“Make the Step”), “Zhenskiye Istorii” (“Women’s Stories”), “Posledniy Geroy” (“The Last Hero”), “Kak Eto Bylo” (“The Way It Happened”), “Vremena” (“Times”, hosted by Vladimir Pozner), “Russkaya Ruletka” (“Russian Roulette”, hosted by Valdis Pelsh), “Fabrika Zvyozd” (“Star-making Factory”), “Bolshie Gonki” (“Big Racing”), “Sluzhu Otchizne!” (“I’m Serving My Fatherland!”). Show “Zhdi Menya” (“Wait for Me”) holds a special place in this line having helped find more than 200,000 people searched by their relatives.

In 1995–1996, Lyubimov took course “Political Consulting and Arranging Election Campaigns” at Harvard Kennedy School and further participated in organizing numerous presidential, parliamentary, regional, and municipal election campaigns.

In 2000, Alexander Lyubimov initiated establishing of national public organization of mass media employees MediaSoyuz (“Media Union”). The well-known projects of MediaSoyuz include TEFI-Region and Radiomania.

In December 2000, by the Order of Russian President, he was awarded the Order of Honor for coverage of military actions in the Chechen Republic.

In March 2001, Alexander Lyubimov took office of first deputy CEO at Channel One, JSC. After leaving Channel One, he produced movie and cartoon series and feature films (“Slepoy-2” (“The Blind-2”, for NTV channel), “Vesyolyye Mischki” (“Merry Bears”, Rossiya TV channel), “A Zori Zdes Tikhiye” (“The Dawns Here Are Quiet”, Channel One), “Zagovor” (“The Plot”, Rossiya TV channel), Barvikha (TNT channel), “Mest” (“The Revenge”), “Smertelnaya Skhvatka” (“Mortal Fight”), and “Taina Diona” (“The Secret of Dion”) (animated series).

In 2006, he took course “3D Animation. Production and Management” at 3D Animation & Visual Effects School in Los Angeles, the USA.

In December 2007, Alexander Lyubimov became first deputy CEO at the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) and had been holding the office until August 2011, when he left the company to take part in the election campaign of “Pravoye Delo” (“Right Cause”) party. He became a member of the management board of “Pravoye Delo” party, and later, of “Grazhdanskaya Platforma” (“Civic Platform”) party.

During the work at VGTRK media holding, Alexander was in charge of marketing and promotion of various projects at Rossiya-1 channel, as well as movies “Taras Bulba”, “Stilyagi” (“Hipsters”), “My Iz Budushchego” (“We Are from the Future”), and hosted and produced “Senat” socio-political show.

In 2008, Lyubimov became producer and host of a large-scale historical project “Imya Rossii” (“Name of Russia”).

In 2011, Alexander launched a unique project: inmates of female penal colony No. 32 in Perm were taught the art of 3D- and cartoon animation. The plan was to open an animation studio at the colony to produce large-scale projects for Russian and foreign animation makers at competitive prices. During a year and a half, the imprisoned women were learning the unusual profession and creating real animated series, “Taina Diona”.

In November 2011, Lyubimov accepted an invitation to head RBK TV channel. In three years, RBK TV under Alexander’s management reached a break-even point, considerably increased its audience, and acquired the status of the sole objective and independent news channel of the federal level. In 2014, RBK TV became the general partner for TV coverage at Winter Paralympics in Sochi. For the first time ever, Paralympics had been supported by a business channel.

In December 2014, after having been running RBK TV channel for three years, Lyubimov left the position to return to VID TV Company as its CEO.

At VID, he produces TV shows, films, and TV series.

In October 2018, he was elected federal secretary of “Partiya Rosta” (“Party of Growth”).

Hobbies: books, theatre, ice hockey, kitesurfing.


  • Medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”, 2nd degree
  • Order of Honor (December 8, 2000), for bravery, courage, and dedication during performing professional duties and objective coverage of events in the North-Caucasian region
  • Order of Friendship (November 27, 2006), for the great contribution to the development of Russian TV and radio broadcasting and a long-term fruitful work
  • National television industry award TEFI (2002), personal nomination in the “Producer” category for “Posledniy Geroy” show.

TEFI for VID’s projects:

  • TEFI-1997, “Entertainment TV Show Host”: Valdis Pelsh, “Ugadai Melodiyu”
  • TEFI-1999, “Entertainment TV Show Host”: Leonid Yakubovich, “Pole Chudes”, “Koleso istorii” (“Wheel of History”)
  • TEFI-2000, “Educational TV Show”: “Serebryany Shar: the Return of Marina Tsvetayeva”
  • TEFI-2002, “Journalistic TV Show”: “Zhdi Menya”
  • TEFI-2003, “Entertainment TV Show Host”: Fyodor Bondarchuk, “Armchair”
  • TEFI-2007, “Special Prize”: “Vzglyad TV Show: the 20th Anniversary on the Air”
  • TEFI-2009, “Documentary TV Series”: “Neveroyatnyye Istorii Pro Zhizn: “Oswiecim-A5103” (“Unbelievable Stories about Life: Oswiecim-А5103”)
  • TEFI-2018, “Talk Show”: “Zhdi Menya”.

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